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The Forest Service is undertaking an Agency-wide effort to improve processes related to environmental analysis and decision making (EADM). The agency's intent is to gain efficiencies and effectiveness in these processes while continuing to value diverse stakeholder perspectives. 

Join us as we explore challenges and opportunities for improvement and innovation. We invite partners to identify issues and concerns they experience and share their creative ideas and concerns they have about this effort. 

The Forest Service will host Regional Partner Roundtables in every region and the Washington Office by March 31, 2018. For more information on your Region's specific roundtable, click the respective link to the right.

Roundtables Objective:

Collect diverse partner feedback to inform EADM processes on local, regional and national scales.

Purposes of EADM Partner Roundtables:

  • Share why changes are important for achieving the USDA Forest Service mission
  • Identify, discuss, and capture partner perceptions on barriers and solutions
  • Explore what roles partners can play moving forward
  • Support dialogue to strengthen relationships between partners and the USDA Forest Service
  • Explain how partner inputs will be incorporated from the Roundtable and from participation in the formal rulemaking process
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    Please visit your regional page and reach out to your regional contact with questions. 

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